Amanda Brinton

Production Design & Art Direction

Art Department for Motion Pictures


Amanda currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.  Originally from Minnesota, she moved from Minneapolis to attend Columbia College Chicago's Film School.  She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Video, with a concentration in Production Design.

She develops and designs stories into films.  As a designer, she prefers to work closely with props, decoration, and wardrobe to ensure aesthetic congruence.  Similarly, she prefers small, close-knit art department crews.

Amanda has designed films that take place everywhere from a 1960s New Years Eve bash; to a dystopic future in which a lone protagonist must travel back in time; a game show dream, somewhere Pee Wee's Playhouse and The Dating Game may meet; the dark, dangerous streets of Detroit; and the solemn, muted apartment of a recently-deafened young man.





Above is a short film that is very dear to me.  I made it in my first year of film school.  I find that oftentimes people tend to throw away or ignore their past works.  I still stand by Earthworms.  It's a simple story about a girl's imagination and infinite fascination with things she yet cannot empathize with.  "Lola" is played by a wonderful young actress named Maisie Merlock.